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14 August 2004
Student unearths a Bronze Age skull in England

Human remains have been found for the first time at a Bronze Age site in Peterborough (England) by a student. The piece of a skull, which could date from 1300 BCE, was uncovered by 17-year-old David Hardingham, who is on work experience at Flag Fen.The bone was found in a layer of peat which makes up an old shore line at the once waterside site.
     David was digging with fellow A-level students Alex Asher and Matthew Bacon, when the important discovery was made. He said: "At the time I had no idea that it was such an important discovery, but I could tell that the other archaeologists were pleased because they were all getting rather excited. I am just looking forward to getting back out to the site to see what else we can uncover, but unfortunately the rain has put a dampener on that for the time being."
     Site supervisor Marcus Brittain said: "To find a human bone is very encouraging because it could mean that we are close to an area of human burials. If this is the case, then we may come across a burial chamber where a noble warrior could be buried with all sorts of amazing and precious items. At the moment we are about to dig further into the layer of soil that contained the skull, and will hopefully make more discoveries like this one shortly."
     Since the excavations first started at Flag Fen in 1982, pottery, tools, animal bones and a bronze ring dating back to 1300 BC have been found. By studying the newly found skull bone's eyebrow ridges, archaeologists know that it belonged to a man, aged between 35 and 40.
     The bone is being stored at Flag Fen and will be exhibited at the Bronze Age site or Peterborough Museum once dating work on it is completed.

Source: Peterborough Today (11 August 2004)

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