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17 August 2004
Ancient relics unearthed in North Korea

Thousands of historical remains such as figures of bull images were found at the Kaesong Industrial Complex, in North Korea. Korea Land Corporation has conducted a joint excavation with North Korea since last June in 12 areas of the Kaesong Industrial Complex in which relics were distributed, and discovered a huge amount of historical remains from the Paleolithic to the Chosun (Joseon) Dynasty.
     The figures of bull images were found where a Koryo Dynasty (918-1392 CE) building had been, and were probably buried during construction as part of ceremony. An axe from the Paleolithic, pieces of earthenware of the Neolithic and coins that were used during China's Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 CE) were also discovered.
     This is the first time in which South and North Korea have joined together to excavate an ancient site. The joint investigation group was formed by 40 archeologists from the two Koreas.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo (16 August 2004)

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