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26 August 2004
Ancient Inuit graves discovered in Greenland

A team of archaeologists from Denmark, Greenland and Canada announced they made the first ever discovery of ancient Inuit, or Eskimo, burial sites in the far north of Greenland. The three burial grounds were found in Ingefield Land, around 100 kilometres north of Qaanaaq in the northwest of the island and probably dated from the 13th century, team member Hans Lange, the curator of Greenland's national museum, told KNR radio. The seven archaeologists had also found marker stones, tent rings and the remains of winter houses that were up to 2000 years old, Lange said.
     They had embarked on a six-week expedition to try and find traces in the region of the main periods of ancient Inuit history - the Dorset and Thule cultures. The expedition was backed by US funding as part of a series of projects to commemorate US explorer Robery Peary.

Source: Iol.co.za (25 August 2004)

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