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31 August 2004
Archeologists unearth prehistoric artifacts in coastal Turkey

Excavations carried out since 1987 in the ancient city of Kelenderis in the Aydincik district of Mersin (a Southern Turkish city) turned up prehistoric artifacts for the first time this year. Kelenderis Excavation Head and Selcuk University Archeology Department Professor Dr. Levent Zoroglu explained that while the ancient city of Kelenderis dates back to the 8th century BCE, archeologists digging at the site uncovered ceramic pieces that are almost 5,000 years old.
     Zoroglu indicated that the ceramic pieces were discovered in the ancient city's acropolis, where excavations have been ongoing for the past four years. "These prehistoric findings are important since we came across them for the first time in Kelenderis, which is a port city on the Mediterranean cost between Silifke and Anamur and referred to as Saranduva in Hittite texts."
     Zoroglu explained that the ceramics samples that they found in the acropolis were similar to those found two years ago in the Gilindire Cave in the vicinity of Aydincik district. Zoroglu said, "Along the Mediterranean coast from Silifke to Antalya we had not discovered any prehistoric remnants until today."

Source: Zaman Online (30 August 2004)

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