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8 September 2004
Prehistoric settlement found in Channel Islands

Archaeologists working on Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands off the west coast of France, have uncovered evidence of a prehistoric settlement at Fort Richmond.
    Local archaeology officer Dr Heather Sebire said "The bedrock is very close to the surface. On top of that we’re picking up prehistoric pottery and flint. We wondered what we might find and sure enough we have found, if not a huge amount, evidence of settlement here in prehistoric times."
    Fort Richmond was the island’s last remaining Victorian barracks and the site also features the remnants of a Napoleonic battery and several German defence works form the Second World War occupation.
    A conservation and management plan will now be put into place, as Dr Sebire explains "It will decide what best practice is for the site, taking into account all aspects, environmental, historical and practical; a management plan to hopefully bring the fort into use."
    Also found on Guernsey this summer was evidence of salt working at La Crocq point, and Iron Age graves just below Fort Richmond.

Source: This Is Guernsey (6 September 2004)

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