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8 September 2004
Ancient artefacts on show in Leicestershire

Artefacts uncovered by archaeologists at a former gravel pit in Leicestershire, England, are to go on show in an exhibition at Charnwood Museum
    Eight years ago a team from the University of Leicester discovered evidence of human occupation dating back as far as 5,000 years ago at the site in Watermead Country Park, which was originally a channel of the River Soar.
    The site seemed to have been occupied over a long period of time, with finds ranging from a prehistoric "burnt mound" complex to an Anglo-Saxon footbridge dated to around 500 CE.
    Exhibits at the museum will include a small piece of human vertebra featuring cut marks, which may point to human sacrifice. Richard Knox of Leicestershire County Councilís Archaeological Services said "Itís either going to be something to do with de-fleshing or possibly a human sacrifice"
    The vertebra was found in a peat deposit along with other bones, and analysis at The British Museum and University of York concluded that the blood supply was cut off quickly, suggesting that the people were killed rather than dying naturally.
    The exhibition is on at   until 26 September, and will then go on show at Donington Le Heath Manor House from March 31, 2005.

Source: 24 Hour Museum (6 September 2004)

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