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20 September 2004
Neolithic site found near Stamford

Thousands of years of history were uncovered when excavations started in a village near Stamford (England) last week. Archaeologists spent three days carving trenches out of the landscape to uncover artefacts which dated the site at Northborough to 6,000 years ago. The experts think the site is one of only seven of the same type of Neolithic site in the country.
     Time Team researcher Karen Kirk explained they thought the site may have been a meeting place or have a ritual significance. Either way there have been some exciting finds, including a leaf shaped arrow head and a piece of flint. The team also uncovered pottery from 3,500 BC and animal bone with marks on it consistent with them being hit.
     Both presenter Tony Robinson and Dr Francis Pryor, who discovered Flag Fen at Peterborough, were at the site looking at the finds and taking part in the dig alongside archaeologists from around the country. Karen said they liked to use local people with local knowledge to help them out, and they have also used people with metal detectors to help with digs.
She said: "We had our own diggers, Wessex Archaeology, Northampton Archaeology Unit and Flag Fen diggers on the site."
     Although the site has now been filled in, all finds and significant items have been logged and recorded by the team for the future. The show will be aired next year between January and March as part of Time Team's 12th series.

Source: Stamford Today (16 September 2004)

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