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22 September 2004
Henges quarry plans delayed

Quarry firm Tarmac Northern Ltd wants to open up a new area of extraction at its sand and gravel plant close to the Thornborough Henges (England). These proposals have been the focus of widespread condemnation from heritage groups across the UK.
     In June 2004 Heritage Action raised concerns that Tarmac were trying to sway the planning process in its favour by failing to submit important archaeological documents with the planning application. At that time North Yorkshire County Council pressed ahead with the application process despite this report being omitted from the application. Tarmac had apparently made a commitment to provide the missing report by September 2004. However, that report has not been forthcoming and is now expected by Christmas.
     With this in mind the council have chosen to delay any planning meetings about the Ladybridge application until the 2005. This turn of events should effectively mean that a new consultation process will start the New Year, with a revamped planning application that should fully take into account all of the items required by planning rules, not just a selected few.
     A preliminary report of the plans was set to go before council committee next month, but both Tarmac and English Heritage are now collecting further archaeological information regarding the site. As a result, a new public consultation process will have to follow early next year.

Source: Heritage Action (21 September 2004)

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