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26 September 2004
Bulgaria boasts 'world's oldest' sanctuary

An ancient sanctuary unearthed in Bulgaria is probably one of the oldest temples in the world. In the words of Georgi Kitov, head of the archeological expedition, the temple dates back to the beginning of 5th century BCE. Kitov also explained that his expedition dug a corridor, which proved that the sanctuary has been set on fire. The archaeologists think that the corridor would take them to the inner part of the temple.
     The Thracian sanctuary was found in the same mound where the bronze head depicting a Thracian king, near the Shipka Peak, was revealed and where the excavations of the TEMP 2004 expedition had earlier unearthed the gold mask. Several meters away from the place where the bronze head was found archeologists revealed partially the 7-meter facade wall and the stone-built facility. Excavations on the site will go on at full speed over next days.

Source: Novinite (25 September 2004)

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