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10 October 2004
Volunteers cairn builders flock to Scotland

Volunteers have been flocking to Caithness (Scotland) to help reconstruct a modern version of a six thousand year old cairn. The area contains some of the country's best preserved chambered buildings, and it's hoped this project will prove to be a popular visitor attraction.  The mysterious mounds were used for burials by the area's first farmer settlers. The modern reconstruction project has been launched by the Caithness Archaeological Trust, who're hoping to lift the profile of the area's ancient tombs.
     It's the first phase of what's intended to end with the construction of a full-size cairn. Academics are fascinated with how the original builders overcame major logistical challenges to leave chambers which have stood for millennia. It's hoped this modern cairn will become a popular visitor attraction and help the local trust increase the popular appeal of the country's rich archaeology.

Source: Grampian TV North Tonight (9 October 2004)

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