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15 October 2004
Ruins wreck building plans in Romania

Construction workers found neolithic ruins which are more than 6,000 years old while building a highway in Romania. "It is a surprising discovery of great importance for the region," said Ion Stanciu, who heads a team of archaeologists. He said the ruins consisted of a funeral stone, the remains of several houses from the Bronze Age, and pieces of pottery. "We are going to suggest to officials from Bechtel to consider building a museum to house these exceptional discoveries," Stanciu said.
     The highway being built from Brasov in central Romania to the town of Bors on the Hungarian border in the northwest cuts through the historic region of Transylvania and has already caused environmental concern. The highway, which is to be 415 kilometres long, is expected to cost 2,5-billion to build and to be finished in 2012.

Source: Iol.co.za (14 October 2004)

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