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23 October 2004
Neolithic site found near ancient Olympia

Archeologists have discovered ancient graves near Ancient Olympia, the hallowed site where the Olympic games were born in 776 BCE. The 25 limestone graves date back to the Neolithic era roughly 4000 BCE to 2000 BCE and were found during construction work about 200 miles southwest of Athens.
     The Culture ministry said each grave was used to bury at least three to five people but as many as 10 in one case. Also found inside the graves were amphorae or two-handled ceramic jars used for shipping and storing oil and wine and jewelry that were buried along with the dead. "Bones have been preserved in excellent condition, along with grave offerings. That will yield significant information about the society of this prehistoric settlement," a ministry statement said.

Sources: Associated Press, Yahoo! News (21 October 2004)

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