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30 October 2004
New archeological excavations in Syria

The joint French-Italian archeological excavation mission recently uncovered near Deir El-Zour (Syria) a number of findings in addition to 22 Islamic tombs dating back to the seventh century CE. Among the recent findings was pottery jars that were used to keep wine and a collection of plates and pots with special kitchen utensils to reserve oil and liquids in addition to a big tomb made from brick dating the Bonze Age.
     Director of Deir El-Zour museum said a new excavation started over the Terqa site in the region of Al-Ashaara new Deir EL-Zour on the Islamic level in addition to the formation of some small excavation workshops that unveiled the old Babylon and the Bronze Age dating the 3,000 BCE. Among the most significant discoveries were a collection of jewelries made from precious stones and some bonze utensils like knifes. The mission joins 22 students from four French and Italian universities.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (28 October 2004)

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