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11 November 2004
Jersey burial mound discussed

The Neolithic burial mound at La Hougue Bie in Jersey (Channel Islands, UK) is to be discussed at the British Museum in London. Olgar Finch from the Jersey Heritage Trust will be talking about the historic monument at the Neolithic Studies Group meeting.
     La Hougue Bie, which was discovered in 1924, is said to be one of the best preserved European passage graves. It is thought the burial site, which dates back to about 3500 BCE, was also used for ritual and ceremonials.
     In the early 1990s the burial mound was explored properly for the first time in an excavation project and a stone fašade was found. During the German occupation in 1942, forces began to build a battalion command bunker into the eastern side of the mound. Over 70 trenches were dug in the grounds, causing extensive archaeological damage.
     The tourist attraction is best known for a 'light box' which allows the sun's rays to shine through the chamber at the winter and summer solstice. Archaeologists claim the shaft of light which heralded the start and end of winter reveals more details about the lives and beliefs of primitive Neolithic man. Speakers from Guernsey, the UK and Belgium will also be talking at the meeting.

Source: BBC News (8 November 2004)

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