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11 November 2004
Probable prehistoric burial ground at risk

A hill in Coventry (England) could be flattened if an unusual idea to deter drug users and prostitutes gets public backing. A community group in Hillfields is asking for people's views about the future of Primrose Hill, in Primrose Hill Park.  It is claimed that families aren't using the park because drug addicts and prostitutes sometimes meet by the hill. One option could be to get rid of the landmark altogether.
     Co-ordinators of Watch (Working Actively to Change Hillfields) want to consult residents across Hill-fields, to see whether people would like to keep the hill, or flatten or somehow restructure it.
     But Coventry historian and Evening Telegraph columnist David McGrory said he believed the hill should stay, as it could be sitting on the site of a prehistoric burial ground. Mr McGrory said: "Ancient burial grounds are known as giants' graves and we know there was one on Primrose Hill. We do not know 100 per cent that this hill is definitely the site, but they tend to be on mounds and that is the only place I can think it would be."
     A city council spokesman said: "We are aware of the problems and are working closely with Watch about the future of the hill. Public consultation will be key to that process.

Source: icCoventry.co.uk (10 November 2004)

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