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11 November 2004
Stonehenge plan: 'Global outrage'

The British government will face 'international outrage' if the green light is given for the dual carriageway to be constructed near Stonehenge, according to a survey by the Save Stonehenge group. The group claims that a new survey shows people from all parts of the world are opposed to the Stonehenge road scheme. Group member Chris Woodford said: "Our survey suggests there is overwhelming international opposition to the British government's plans to construct a new section of dual carriageway - a four-lane highway - only partly in a tunnel, through the world-famous heritage site."
     The group has been publicising the plans on a website, which also includes an interactive message board where readers can post their views. The group claims that, between March 2001 and October 2004, readers from 18 countries have left more than 300 written comments, and only 12 have supported the plan.
     Mr Woodford said: "Most of the comments express anger, shock, shame and outrage. Almost all call for the British government to explore other solutions that do not involve damaging road construction inside the World Heritage site. Stonehenge is not just a World Heritage site, it is a world icon. We believe transport secretary Alistair Darling is considering giving the green light to a road scheme that will bulldoze a new, four-lane highway right through the middle of it. If he does, as our survey very clearly shows, he will experience the full force of international outrage and concerted opposition every step of the way."

Source: This is Amesbury (10 November 2004)

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