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18 November 2004
Ancient Indian pottery uncovered in Florida

An archaeological dig at a proposed condominium complex in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA, has revealed rare Indian pottery dating back to between 400 and 700 BCE.
    Frank Servello, the lead archaeologist from Prentice Thomas and Associates on the dig, said that the decoration on the rims indicates that the plates and bowls were used by wealthy people, and were unusual for that period of the early Weedon Island culture.
    Also found were shells and bones, and "kill pots" which had holes punched in them to free the spirits of the potters or possibly to conclude deals.
    The artefacts could be claimed by the development company - which paid for the dig - but the state could claim them, and they may be given to the Indian Temple Mound Museum located across the street. An Indian mound discovered on the development site will be left in situ and fenced off.

Source: Associated Press (15 November 2004)

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