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21 November 2004
Archaeologist receives top honour

Prof Colin A Renfrew, a retired Cambridge archaeologist has been given a top award for his work. The pioneer of radiocarbon dating which estimates the ages of settlements received the Balzan Prize for prehistoric archaeology.
     He found that the ages of artefacts and ancient settlements could be measured by examining the remains of burnt wood. "Renfrew is one of the very few who have demanded that prehistoric archaeologists do not simply contemplate their own navels," said Professor Hermann Parzinger, President of the German Archaeological Institute, Berlin.
     The International Balzan Foundation was established in 1956 and its prize is one of the most renowned in the world of science honouring the most committed scientists. Each winner receives 1m Swiss francs half of which must be devoted to research projects involving young researchers in the winner's field.

Source: BBC News (19 November 2004)

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