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25 November 2004
A march to save Hill of Tara

A demonstration against the proposed M3 motorway route through the national monument of the Hill of Tara (Ireland) is to be held in Dublin on Saturday, November 27, beginning at 1.30pm. The public are invited to gather at The Garden of Remembrance , Parnell Square and march up OíConnell Street to the Dublin Civic Offices at Wood Quay. A related protest is also due to take place outside the Irish consulate in New York on the same day.
     The purpose of the march is to give the public an opportunity to voice
their objection to the Government, particularly Dick Roche, Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, who is currently considering whether to give directions to begin excavations of over 40 individual monuments in and around the Hill of Tara, at a cost to us of 30 million euros.
     The march will be an opportunity for people to express their anger over the bad planning, corruption, toll roads, public-private partnerships, overspending on motorways, lack of investment in public transport, as well as the overall widespread rapid destruction of Irish heritage being funded by Irish taxpayers money.
     The Save Tara Skryne Valley group claims it is not too late to preserve one of the country’s most valuable heritage sites. Spokesman Vincent Salafia said: "The development of the motorway has not yet begun, the land has not been purchased and excavations are not underway. We are eternally optimistic but considering the Government’s record on such issues it will be a surprise if they change their mind."

Sources: Save Tara Skryne Valley Group press release (22 November 2004), Breaking News.ie (24 November 2004)

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