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3 December 2004
Bronze age boat to be recreated

Archaeologists are planning to build a copy of an ancient boat found in Dover and sail it from Britain to France. The 200,000 project is intended to demonstrate how the boat might have been used thousands of years ago.
     The boat is one of the best preserved examples of a coastal vessel from the bronze age and was found in a chance discovery in 1992. Funding is now needed and the project could attract EU money thanks to a partnership with French museums.The project is expected to take three years to complete and after the crossing, it is hoped that the boat will go on tour in Britain and France.  
     The bottom of the boat was discovered during roadworks in the town. It was found in a water filled shaft and although it has been studied intensely at Dover museum, the only way experts say they can find out more about it is to build this replica.
     Finding the right materials will be a vital part of the project if an accurate test can be carried out. The original would have been made using yew tree timber, bees wax, and moss, and then all stitched together. It was made over 3,600 years ago and John Iverson from Dover museum described it as " a remarkable feat of engineering."

Source: BBC News (30 November 2004)

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