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17 December 2004
Irish Minister has no power to alter Tara motorway

Irish Environment Minister Dick Roche has reportedly stated that he does not have the power to significantly alter the proposed route of the M3 motorway through Co Meath. Campaigners are urging Mr Roche to re-route the road away from the Tara-Skryne valley due to the archaeological and historical importance of the area.
     The proposed route of M3 would pass close to the Hill of Tara and would also lead to the destruction of dozens of archaeological sites. However, reports said the minister had insisted that his only role in the controversy is to decide on the method of preservation for archaeological sites. Under a recent amendment to the National Monuments Act, Mr Roche has the power to order the in-situ preservation of such sites, a move that would necessitate a change in the route of the M3.

Source: Breaking News.ie (17 December 2004)

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