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8 January 2005
Bronze Age arrow head donated to museum

An arrow head more than 3,000 years old has been found in North West Essex (England) and donated to Saffron Walden Museum. It was spotted by Essex Finds liaison officer Caroline McDonald while recording finds by local metal detector users and her identification was later confirmed by the British Museum. The arrowhead dates from the Middle Bronze Age, between 1275 and 1140 BCE.
     Similar arrowheads of this date were usually made from flint and this is the first bronze one of this period to be found in the county. A spokeswoman for the museum said: "The ancient arrowhead is one of many important finds brought to light through the Portable Antiquities Scheme, a voluntary scheme under which anyone can get their local archaeological finds identified and recorded. Every year many thousands of archaeological objects are found by the public, mostly by metal detector users, but also by people out walking, digging their gardens or while about their everyday work."

Source: Cambridge News (1 January 2005)

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