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27 January 2005
The Iron Age brought to life

Work on a replica Iron Age village in the Forest of Dean, on the English side of the border with south Wales, is to begin next month and is expected to be completed by May.
    The project, which will be made up of roundhouses and enclosures, will give visitors the chance to live and breathe the lifestyle of Iron Age man. The managing director of the Cinderbury Iron Age settlement, Jasper Blake, said: "Cinderbury has aroused great interest the world over from academics, serious researchers and living history enthusiasts."
    "Here in the Dean we have the historical perspective of iron-mining from its very earliest times and this is attracting global interest because there is nowhere else quite like it. The ancient scowles give us a very special historical and mysterious landscape and we also have Clearwell Caves, Whitecliff and Dark Hill close at hand which are of great interest to industrial archaeologists. Cinderbury really is the jewel in the crown."
    He added "We will offer educational, archaeological, geological and horticultural activities within a living history industrial heritage ambience. The project will tell the real stories behind the Forest's industrial past."

Source: The Forester (20 January 2005)

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