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30 January 2005
English farmers given ancient site advice

A new service has been launched to advise farmers and estate managers in North Yorkshire (England) how to preserve important ancient sites on their land. The county council has appointed Linda Smith to the new post of rural archaeologist. She will advise on how land can be farmed without damaging historic landscape features.
     "It's not about digging but finding out what is there and how to preserve it for future generations," Ms Smith said. "Tree planting, pond digging and shallow wetland management are the most common problems," she added. "They are often done to improve the natural environment without realising it is at the expense of the heritage."
     Peter Sowray, the council's executive member for environmental services, added: "Many people don't know what is on their land. But the new service will be able to identify any features using the historic environment record at County Hall and advise on suitable management."

Source: BBC News (24 January 2005)

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