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30 January 2005
Bronze Age skeletons unearthed in Kent

Archaeologists have unearthed a unique site in Kent (England) which they claim contains the best preserved examples of Bronze Age skeletons. The discovery was made in a six-month excavation of a plot of land in Ramsgate, which is due to be the site of a new housing development. The location has not been revealed because of its national importance.
     Archaeologist Darren Godden said the find would help explain what happened to human remains during the Bronze Age. "This is of real national importance because graves from this period just aren't really found. Yet here we have a number of different skeletons," he said.
     The skeletons have been preserved from decay for over 3,000 years in the clay soil. They are due to go on show to the public at an exhibition in Thanet in February.

Source: BBC News (28 January 2005)

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