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3 February 2005
Bronze Age axe found in England

A "Finds Day" at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, Derbyshire, central England, saw a Bronze Age axe head brought in by a member of the public.
    The public were invited to the museum to have any finds they had made inspected and recorded for the national Portable Antiquities Scheme database. Finds Liaison Officer Rachel Atherton said: "What we are trying to do is build up an idea of what people are finding across the country so it can be recorded and used by anyone from archaeologists to people researching their local history."
    The axe head was found at Whaley Bridge with a metal detector, and has been dated to between 1600 BCE and 1200 BCE. Another find brought in was a fossilised horse tooth from before the last Ice Age, which was found in a swallow hole near Hartington.
    Another Finds Day will be held at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery on Saturday 23 April.

Source: Buxton Advertiser (31 January 2005)

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