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5 February 2005
Findings in Oman date back to 2000 BCE

An archaeological survey was conducted recently in the Saluth area (Oman). "The archaeological findings discovered from the Saluth area date back to 2000 BCE and the beginning of 1000 BCE, which is contemporary to the Majan civilisation prevailed in the same era" said Dr Sandra, president of the Archaeological Mission at Bizza University in Ital.
     The sites located in the area measuring 40x60 metre may be included in the World Heritage list. The sites in the Saluth area had been lying vacant for more than 1,000 years, the survey pointed out. It also indicated that the Saluth area was one of the most inhabited seaside areas in Oman since 3000 BCE. One of the best buildings found in the survey was a tower in the grave area. The survey revealed that the inhabited areas were surrounded by strong walls.

Source: Times of Oman (4 February 2005)

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