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27 February 2005
Volunteers needed to discover Marlow’s hidden past

A Call for volunteers to help a major archaeology project has been sounded in Marlow (Buckinghamshire, England). Plans to survey and record some of the area's historic and pre-historic earthworks and monuments has led to a recruitment drive by organisers. The project, known as Recording of Marlow and District's Ancient Monuments (ROMADAM), is being put together by a number of participating organisations, including Archaeology In Marlow (AIM). A grant of £22,605 from the Local Heritage Initiative will help achieve the project's aims, but more hands are needed to uncover mysteries like the Iron Age Hillforts at Danesfield and Medmenham.
     John Laker, chairman of AIM, said: "We have good funding to complete all these things and we intend to involve as many individuals, organisations and schools as we can, to ensure the project is a major success for Marlow and Marlow residents." Volunteers are needed in a number of areas, including model making and giving tours to show schools around the monuments. For more information call the AIM group on 01628 475488

Source: Bucks Free Press (25 February 2005)

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