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13 March 2005
Earthworks site cleared for archaeologists

A mystery which has remained unsolved on Dartmoor (England) could soon be resolved, thanks to volunteers who have cleared scrub from earthworks on Roborough Down. Volunteers from the Dartmoor Preservation Association and Roborough Commoners Associations have worked with school groups to clear the area of scrub and gorse for approximately two days a month. The clearance had to be complete by Sunday, February 27, to enable archaeological work to take place.
     The scrub has hidden the site for centuries and DPA development officer Dru Butterfield said clearing it was 'a massive task'. "We had to work quickly to clear the scrub before the bird nesting season started," she said. Dru said they had managed to complete the work on time, with around 25 volunteers turning up on Sunday to finish it. "We uncovered a smaller site which is part of the earthworks, and we're excited to find out what it's all about," she said. "No-one knows for sure exactly what 'The Earthworks' are. They are one of the remaining mysteries of Dartmoor's past. Hopefully, clearing the site will enable archaeologists from the Dartmoor National Park Authority and English Heritage to solve the puzzle at last."
     Archaeologists will be examining the site and it is hoped the survey of the area will be carried out over the next four to six weeks.

Source: Tavistock Today (9 march 2005)

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