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17 March 2005
Castanheiro do Vento excavation campaign 2005

The Castanheiro do Vento sites lie in the Alto Douro (Portugal), near the world-wide famous area of the Palaeolithic engravings of Foz Ca (a World Heritage site). Those sites are very important for the post-Palaeolithic prehistory of the region, and some of them are being studied by a team based in the village of Freixo de Numo.
     The new 2005 campaign will start on 3 July 2005 and it will last 84 days. The directors of the excavations are Vitor Oliveira Jorge (Faculty of Arts, Univ. of Porto), Joao Muralha Cardos (Lisbon Museum, Science and Technology Fundation), Antonio Sa Coixao (ACFR Freixo de Numao), Leonor Sousa Pereira (Portuguese Institute of Archaeology) and  Ana Vale (Phd Student at Faculty of Arts, Univ. of Porto).
     Anybody willing to help can fill the online pre-inscription. For the ones that will be selected, remember to take all season clothing, since it can be from 40C dry as a desert to 15 strong wind and raining. Don't forget your boots, water bottle, sun protection cream (over 30 factor), sleeping bag, first aid kit, hat and other things that you should think necessary taking in mind that we are in a fieldwork. All participants must arrive on Sunday dinnertime (latest), and leave on a Saturday after breakfast. Those coming by train should take the one that arrives at the Freixo de Numo station at 18:00. A van will pick you up only at that time. Those who do not get the van risk themselves for a 12km climb on foot.
     For additional information: muralha@netcabo.pt

Source: Vitor Oliveira Jorge (17 Macrh 2005)

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