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19 March 2005
Ggantija temples undergo 3-D survey

A digital three-dimensional survey is being carried out at Ggantija Temples in Xaghra (Malta) for a detailed documentation and a blueprint of the actual status of the temples to be drawn up. The survey is the first of its kind to cover a temple in its entirety in the Maltese islands. The survey is being carried out through the EU's Solidarity Funds after the Gozo Ministry applied for such funds following the September 2003 storms, in which parts of the temples suffered structural damage.
     To complement the study being carried out, restoration works will also be carried out. The Ministry has issued two calls for the provision of scaffolding and restoration works, sealed tenders for which will be received at the Ministry for Gozo by Friday. These works are being carried out in collaboration with Heritage Malta, and with the aid of the Restoration Unit within the Works Division, under the surveillance of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage and the Scientific Committee for the Conservation of the Maltese Megalithic Temples.

Source: The Sunday Times of Malta (13 March 2005)

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