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19 March 2005
Prehistoric artefacts found in Enfield Town

Excavations on the site of the PalaceXchange shopping development in Enfield Town (Engand) have revealed a collection of prehistoric relics, which include 3,000-year-old flint cutting tools. Sean Steadman, of Gifford Archaeology, said: "We want to preserve a record, and have already found some interesting things".
     After initial digging, investigators were amazed to find two trenches dating from different periods in such close proximity to each other one from prehistoric times and the other from the 12th-century. Archaeology supervisor Chris Mayo said: "We have more than 3,000 years of activity in one place, which is quite unusual." The two-and-a-half week dig, is the culmination of three years work by Mr Mayo and his team. When all excavations are finished, the artefacts will be sent away for analysis and become the property of English Heritage.

Source: Enfield and Haringey Independent (17 March 2005)

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