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27 March 2005
Plans for new excavations in ancient Turkish city

A plan has been initiated for new excavations in the ancient city of Pedasa, located eight kilometers from Bodrum in the small town of Konac?k (Turkey). Pedasa was an important Leleg city that enjoyed its heyday between the 11th and sixth centuries BCE and where a copper needle and various artifacts and jewelry dating back 3,000 years were found last year in a royal tomb. 
     Mu?la University Karya Research Center President Professor Adnan Diler spoke at a meeting in Konac?k and explained current and future excavations at the site. Diler has been working actively to preserve the ancient city of Pedasa for the past eight years and introduced a new project for further excavation. A series of decisions were made at the meeting regarding the anticipated work.
     Historians and archeologists from Germany will study the site together with Turkish scientists. Satellite photos of the area will be taken for detailed mapping of the vicinity, and ancient buildings will be restored and opened to the public. The project is expected to cost approximately $1 million and will be presented to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as well as the European Union on April 1 in the hope of gaining support.
     "We will excavate the ancient ruins, which have been lying underground for centuries, and transform them into the most important ancient city in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Not only will this project prevent looting; it will also protect the ancient city," said Konac?k Governor Mehmet Tosun.  

Source: Turkish Daily News (25 March 2005)

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