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16 April 2005
2,500-year-old urns and tombs found in Viet Nam

Archaeologists made a significant discovery after unearthing an array of urns and earth tombs from Binh Dong Commune of the Binh Son District in the central province of Quang Ngai (Viet Nam), experts revealed. The 10 earth tombs and 10 urns dating back 2,400-2,500 years to the Iron Age of the Sa Huynh culture, were found buried together according to archaeologist Pham Thi Ninh from the Archaeology Institute.
     Archaeologists believe the urns, measuring 60cm in diameter at the widest point and standing around 80cm tall, were originally used to preserve the ashes of humans. This has been an important historical find, with experts declaring it the greatest number of such urns found in the central region so far, with most of the tombs still intact or able to be restored.
     The tombs, currently under excavation, cover an area of 600sq.m and were discovered about 2-6m underground. The urns were found buried alongside pottery jars, bowls, stone jewellery and metal weapons, including an 80cm-long iron sword

Source: Viet Nam News (8 April 2005)

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