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8 May 2005
Prehistoric bones found in Colorado

Fragments of what are believed to be a prehistoric skull and a couple of ribs have been found along the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad tracks (Colorado, USA). The find, made last month, appears to be that of a small child, according to Susan Riches, a professor of anthropology at Fort Lewis College.
     The bones were discovered protruding from a steep embankment; a track patrolman for the railroad spotted the bones from his car on April 13 and called police, Huser said. "They really don't tell us anything," Riches said of the bones. "But the assumption is that they are prehistoric."
     Investigators discovered three or four pieces of a skull - the sides and top but nothing of the face, Riches said. There also were a couple of very small ribs. Riches said it appears the bones were part of an isolated burial site. Anyone living in Durango, particularly people in construction, is familiar with the discovery of such isolated bones, she said. "It was very fragmented," Riches said. "It had probably been washing out of there for a long time." Anthropologists reached their conclusions from the depth of the site where the bones were discovered and the size of the trees growing over the site, Huser said.

Source: The Durango Herald, MSNBC (5 May 2005)

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