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14 May 2005
Festival held at a modern Stone Circle in Scotland

A Festival for the 'mind, body and spirit' is being held at a modern stone circle in Aberdeenshire (Scotland) this summer, organised by a shamanic healer. Jason Schroeder hopes to attract thousands of people to the all-day event at the Breemie stone circle, which he erected at Lyne of Skene near Aberdeen.
     He hopes an array of alternative and complementary therapies and performance arts will draw families from around Scotland. Workshops, taster sessions and demonstrations will take place during the day, with musical entertainment taking over in the evening. Speakers are due to travel from the US and around the UK to attend the event, on land adjacent to the B.A. Country Store.
     Opening at 10am on Saturday, June 18, it is expected to run into the early hours of Sunday, with camping facilities provided for those attending. Tickets are available from One-Up in Belmont Street, Aberdeen, the Findhorn Foundation, or from the event website  http://www.sacredway.co.uk/

Sources: Sacredway Press Release, Evening Express, This is Aberdeen (27 April 2005)

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