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22 May 2005
3,000 year old settlement revealed after scrub fire

A Bronze Age burial site has been discovered after a scrub brush fire above Fishguards Ferry Port in Pembrokeshire, Wales. A burial mound that had been discovered within field boundaries alsoindicated the presence of a 3,000 year old farming settlement.
     Polly Groom, an archeologist with Pembrookeshire National Park and working with Cambrian Archeology said that they had believed this was the site of a Bronze Age (2500 BCE to 700 BCE) burial site, but that they now had proof. "The fire was disastrous," Ms Groom said, "as it came at a key time for wildlife, but it's had an unexpected bonus, revealing the evidence of extensive human use of the area over many centuries". "There is some stonework remaining from what we consider to be a burial mound which had been disturbed in the past. And we have also found what appear to be the remains of prehistoric field boundaries as we know exist on other headlands in north Pembrokeshire. Ms. Groom added.

Sources: The Western Mail, icWales (19 May 2005)

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