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22 May 2005
Ancient remains from Wisconsin

Several artifacts dating thousands of years back have been found in Wisconsin (USA) by archaeologists from the Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center at U.W. La Crosse. Wendy Holtz-Leith, a research archaeologist, said, "We dig small test holes, and that's how we actually found this site. There were small pieces of chipped stone that were found for making stone tools, some little tiny pieces of pottery."
     She said they map everything there and try to figure out the best they can what people were doing here during the different time periods. Then they take them back and do analyses on them. Holtz-Leith said these artifacts tell her that this was a tool making station at two different time periods. One was about a thousand years ago, the other nearly 3,000 years ago. She said this is quite unusual to find an undisturbed site like this.

Source: News Channel 7 WSAW-TV (19 May 2005)

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