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22 May 2005
Work starts soon on home for Seahenge

The 1m building work to renovate Lynn Museum (Norfolk, England) as the new home for the Seahenge Bronze Age timbers is set to start in July. A display of part of the Bronze Age timber circle Seahenge, which in 1999 was controversially dug up from the shoreline at Holme, near Hunstanton, will form the focal point of the major redevelopment.?
     The project has been funded by 778,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund, 125,000 from Norfolk County Council and donations from other sources.  The refurbishment will create a new exhibition area and a collections study gallery and organisers hope the new facilities and temporary exhibitions will be open by Easter 2006 and the final displays will open in summer 2007. ?
     About half the original timbers and the central stump of Seahenge will be exhibited in the museum from early 2007, once the conservation currently under way at the Mary Rose Trust in Portsmouth is completed. Dr Robin Hanley, area museums officer, King's Lynn and West Norfolk, said: "The display of the Seahenge timbers will greatly enhance the museum's role as a heritage asset for the whole of West Norfolk."

Source: EDP24 (22 May 2005)

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