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24 May 2005
Gloucestershire fort saved from erosion

An Iron Age hill fort on Painswick Beacon (Gloucestershire , England) has been saved from erosion by a year-long restoration project. Gloucestershire County Council and English Heritage have spent more than 80,000 on Kimsbury Camp to stop the 2,000-year-old site washing away.
     Urgent repairs were done to the ramparts at the Scheduled Ancient Monument. Erosion was tackled by building retaining structures which were filled with limestone rubble and topped with a layer of soil and seeds. Scrub was cleared of saplings to return the limestone grassland to a similar condition as when it was grazed. Workers installed new noticeboards to help visitors learn more about the site.
     The work was organised by the county council's archaeological service. Nick Russell, who led the council team, said the site is unusual for Gloucestershire. He said: "It's constructed more like the hill forts you see in the Wessex area, for example Maiden Castle in Dorset. "It has three closely spaced banks and ditches and instead of being constructed with a dry stone wall or timber it seems to have been made with clay alternating with rubble."

Source: Gloucestershire Echo (23 May 2005)

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