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29 May 2005
Slice of Dartmoor land up for sale

Around 1,140 acres of Dartmoor (Devon, England) have been put on the market and the site expects to fetch up to 200,000 when it is sold next month. The site has the remains of a Bronze Age settlement and it also has plenty of varied flora and fauna making it a haven for wildlife.
     Alex Rew, head of Stags' farm agency department, said it was 'extremely rare' for such a large area of the moor with such historic importance to be put up for sale. He said: "It's not an area of the moor that would suit lots of cattle and sheep to graze so it will not appeal to farmers. But it will appeal to someone who sees the value of owning an area of Dartmoor of that size - people who are interested in owning a significant slice of Devon."
     The current owner of Dean Moor inherited it from his father. Living in Southampton, he is not close enough to enjoy it and so has decided to sell it. The site has been put on the market with a guide price of 150,000-200,000 - which works at around 150 per acre.
     To prepare for the sale, Stags commissioned a local farmer to write a report on the site's history. The report indicates that the site has a number of settlement remains, including hut circles, in the Avon Valley and Hickaton area which is now largely submerged by the waters of the Avon Dam. There is also a standing stone near the Harbourne Head area. The sale is informal tender and takes place at noon on Friday June 17. For more information, contact Stags on 01392 255202.

Source: This is Devon (28 May 2005)

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