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5 June 2005
2,600-year-old artificial lake discovered in Korea

Koreaís oldest artificial pond was found in Andong, North Kyongsang Province. The pondís construction dates back to the Bronze Age. Museum of Dongyang University announced that the artificial pond was created at least 2,600 years ago, after examining the site where the pond used to be, a swampy place in Chojon-ni.
     It said the rectangular pond was formed in the valley area by digging paths from nearby streams. The artificial lake is estimated to be 50 meters long and 15 meters wide, with a depth of at least 2 meters. Its bottom is mostly flat with small bumpy parts. A small stream entering the pond of around 3 meters wide and another at the other end around 2 meters wide is believed to be the way the ancient people controlled the water flow. It is likely the pond was once equipped with wooden tools to contain water for irrigation, but they seem to have been swept away, representatives of the  museum said.
     "We can assume that it was formed at least 2,600 years ago and it could date to as early as the 7th or 8th century BCE after studying a number of ancient bowls and stone tools found on the bottom of the pond," the museumís head Lee Han-sang sid.

Source: The Korea Times (31 May 2005)

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