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5 June 2005
Tekke dig ends for 2005

Cyprus Department of Antiquities has announced the completion of this year’s excavations at the late Bronze Age site near the village of Dromolaxia, west of the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque in Larnaca. The excavations were directed by Professor Paul Astrom of the University of Gothenburg.
     A building was further explored: as some of the building’s walls were not completely preserved, it would seem that it was probably never completely finished. The completed part was nevertheless used, as wall brackets had fallen down close to the bases for the columns. The floor was covered with remains, which were probably pieces of the ceiling that had collapsed onto the floor. Terracotta wall brackets, a lead string bullet and a piece of wood, probably oak, were also among the finds.
     A collateral geo-archaeological study was launched to investigate the clay beds for signs of pottery manufacturing at the Hala Sultan Tekke.

Source: Cyprus Mail (4 June 2005)

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