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5 June 2005
Rare artifacts found in Wisconsin

Archaeologist John Hodgson uncovered ancient items in DeForest (Wisconsin, USA). The DeForest site was found when survey work began on a 170-acre housing development on the south side of the village. It was once a Native American seasonal campsite. Hodgson estimates it's 6,000 to 8,000 years old and John Broihahn, state archaeologist, notes the site is remarkable for its "age and the integrity."
     Hodgson and other archaeologists discovered arrowheads, fire pits and six post holes used to support the frame of an archaic home. They dated the artifacts by comparing the style of arrowheads with other specimens that have been dated using a carbon process.
     This site was the seasonal home of two to three archaic families, according to Hodgson. These people were members of a hunter-gatherer society that had not yet developed farming techniques. The people may have chosen the location because it is near a spring system that would have provided them with fresh water and fertile hunting grounds.
     The site was preserved by chance when plowing in the mid-1800s moved dirt over the area, creating a soil shield that protected it from later damage. Modifications to the development approved by Tierney will incorporate the site into the overall plan and preserve the area and the findings.

Source: Wisconsin State Journal (5 June 2005)

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