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13 June 2005
Standing stone found at Knowlton Henge

An ancient standing stone from an ancient site has been unearthed by dowsers in east Dorset (England). Students on a local dowsing course discovered the hidden Bronze Age relic at Knowlton Henge, two miles south of Cranborne.
     "Where the stone was discovered, we believe there may have an avenue of stones. We also think there is a second stone close by, buried upright in the ground," said Paul Craddock, chairman of Wessex Dowsers and a local dowsing tutor. Dating as far back as 4,000 BCE, the large slab is thought to have been part of a stone circle. It is widely believed the henge was either knocked down or broken up when the now ruined 12th century Norman Knowlton Church was built on the same spot. It was common practice for early Christians to take over the older pagan sites, as local people were used to worshipping at the sacred circles. Some of the stones are thought to have been used in the church's foundations, and may also form part of the altar.
     Dorset ancient stone expert and author Peter Knight has now examined the megalith and says he is "very excited" about the find, and keen to notify local archaeologists.

Source: This is Bournemouth (10 June 2005)

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