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25 June 2005
Better access at the Rollrights

Access to the three ancient monuments that make up the Rollright stones (Oxfordshire, England) has been greatly improved. It is now easier than ever for wheelchair users and families with pushchairs to enjoy the spectacle of the The King's men stone circle, the Whispering Knights burial chamber and the King Stone standing stone.
     A portion of land to the south of the King's Men stone circle has been acquired to allow visitors to enter the circle through the portal that the bronze age builders of the circle originally intended. An all-weather anti-mud path suitable for wheelchairs now leads down from the King's men stone circle to the Whispering Knights burial chamber. Access to the King stone has been improved and information boards have been erected
     George Lambrick, chair of trustees of The Rollright Trust who cares for the monuments said: "We believe that this is one of the very first ancient monuments to allow access to all." Sadly, the stone circle still remains splattered with yellow paint after they were vandalised in 2004.

Source: Heritage Action (22 June 2005)

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