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2 July 2005
6,000-year-old city discovered in China

This recently discovered ancient Chinese city covers approximately 80,000 square meters.  Surrounded on it's Eastern, Western and Southern sides by Lakes, the city has a trench at it's Northern side dug by ancient humans.
     Shaped in an irregular round, this ancient site has a wall that measures around 2 meters high at the apex, and about one meter high at the lowest point.  The buildings of the city were constructed of fired red earth, and it seems a great deal of it was used. Utensils found inside of the city were also made of the same fired red earth, along with stone, pottery and jade artifacts.
     The discovery of this extrordinary ancient site is of incredible inportance in the studies of the formations and developement of ancient civilizations in the middle and lower reaches if the Yangzte River.
     China has truly found a diamond in the rough with this amazing discovery.

Source: Peoples Daily Online (27 June 05)

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