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23 July 2005
Archaeology survey of Goss Moor

The British Highways Agency has highlighted a new road in Cornwall      Ginny Clarke, Highways Agency Director for Safety, Strategy and Research, said: "The quality and rarity of these finds illustrate the importance of the care taken while developing and preparing for major road scheme. We are working to improve our assessment of the impact of our work on the landscape. We are also looking to enhance our work to predict the location of possible remains so we can determine the best approach to be taken."
     The Highways Agency is supporting the Council for British Archaeology's week as part of its commitment to protect the country's cultural heritage. The new road in Cornwall, which is expected to take two years to complete, will skirt the northern edge of Goss Moor, connecting two dualled sections between Bodmin and Indian Queens.

Source: BBC News, Wired.gov (19 July 2005)

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