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23 July 2005
3d laser scanning at Callanish complex

The Callanish Stones (Outer Hebrides, Scotland) have been recently measured using high resolution 3D laser scanning. The laser scanning was commissioned by Stewart and Emma Mitchell of the Callanish Blackhouse Tearoom as part of their ongoing project to promote the Callanish standing stones.
     The survey of the site has been made by Archaeoptics Ltd. and it will be used to produce educational material relating to the stones, their position within the greater Callanish complex and current archaeo-astronomical theories. The data will also be reused to produce the perfectly accurate souvenirs of the site that will be available exclusively to the Callanish Blackhouse Tearoom.
     Alastair Carty, who carried out the survey, said: "A laser scan provides full 3D dimensions similar to existing surveying techniques but far, far more accurate. It also builds a dense 3D model that could be used to create virtual astronomical events. Stewart and Emma Mitchell hope to offer a video or DVD that can add information about the stones through a fully interactive 3D model."

Sources: Archaeoptics Press release, The Hebridean (20 July 2005)

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