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30 July 2005
Quarry plans threaten Nine Ladies stone circle

A mile-long human chain will be formed to protest at new plans for a Stanton Moor quarry (Derbyshire, England). Residents of Stanton-in-Peak were devastated to learn Matlock quarrying firm Stancliffe Stone plans to extend a pre-existing quarry at nearby Dale View. The news came as residents were celebrating after a recent decision by the Court of Appeal ruled that Lees Cross and Endcliffe quarries are dormant.
     Local people and eco-warriors have been fighting to protect the landscape for the last five years. Julie Kidd, of the action group Stanton Against the Destruction of our Environment (SADE) said: "Everyone thinks the war is won, but it's not for us. "Stancliffe Stone are abandoning Lees Cross and Endcliffe to focus on a greenfield extension to Dale View quarry instead. But Dale View is already Britain's largest dimensional stone quarry. It's closer than ever to the stone circle, and much, much closer to the village."
     The campaigners say that the extension will ruin the most popular approach to the Nine Ladies stone circle and that environmental damage will be much more visible. Ms Kidd said: "We're completely mystified as to why the National Park Authority is even entertaining the idea. They seem to think this glorious piece of English countryside has no value.
     SADE's chairman Nick Moor said: "We're not anti-quarrying, we're anti-greed. The proposed extension is just too big it's over a mile round. A spokesperson for the Park Authority said: "The situation remains unchanged we have received no planning application to extend Dale View quarry. If we do, it will be subject to an open and transparent public planning process, entailing a full environmental assessment and scrutiny by the Authority. It would be a completely new full application that would be subject to the highest standards of scrutiny."
     Stancliffe Stone General Manager Mike Jones said: "We held a pre-consultation event for local residents and interested groups so that we could listen to their feedback and use it constructively to help us develop our plans.

Source: Matlock Today (27 July 2005)

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